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Goa's first gin bar, cafe, after-party destination, gourmet haven and more!
Goa's become more fun and even more exciting - presenting Sigma. Relax, sit back, drink in the spirit of Goa at Sigma, Goa's first gin bar.
From culinary masterpieces that are divinely decadent to a range of dishes that as delicious as they are healthy.

Sigma is a bar, it's an upscale lounge, it's a cafe and it's a destination for after-party hours.

Sigma epitomizes Goa. Its sunny nature. Its love for the good life. Its spirit and its vibrance.

Welcome to Sigma for an unparalleled memorable experience!

Experience a Global Gin Bar

Bombay Sapphire4.5%
A European style pilsner with light bitterness from German hops and a clean, crisp malt profile. This beer is perfect for any occasion.
A beautiful mix of spice and herbal notes. Coriander and pepper balance with orange peel and citrus flavours. Creamy and light earthy tartness comes through from the wheat. A crisp and refreshing brew with a dry finish.
Inspired by Belgian brewing tradition, a Saison style beer with citrus and tart flavours from the infusion of mosambi and sumac spice
A four spice blend balanced over caramel and biscuit malts with notes of dark fruits and a warm spicy finish.
Hanky Panky5.6%
German hefeweizen style wheat beer with a twist. Juicy and tropical fruity hops with a smooth spicy finish
Singapore Sling7.8%
A strong dark beer with flavours of toffee, liquorice and dark bitter chocolate. The addition of wheat malts contributes a smooth and creamy finish.

Sinfully Seductive Food & Cocktails

World-class restaurants don't just serve dishes cooked to perfection but also seduce the visual senses. Sigma creates a world-class dining experience by creating culinary masterpieces which are as beautiful to the eyes as they are to the palate.